About Us

At Shower Me With Love, we truly care about design, about creating the perfectly decorated room that expresses your unique sense of self, and finding perfect items for gifts or everyday. These are things that can make a difference in the quality of our lives and those dear to us. We feel that beautiful surroundings bring harmony, balance and happiness to your home and life, and strive to showcase products that will achieve this philosophy. Beautiful surroundings that express your personal take on lifestyle shouldn’t be a luxury – it should be a necessity.

Shower Me With Love was created by Andrew and Emily Shallal, new parents with a passion for business and design and a love for discovering unique items. After learning of a honeymoon surprise, they were determined to create the most perfect living space for their pending new arrival.  Being the first of their social circle to venture into parenthood, they had no one to turn too.  Determined to help people avoid the frustration and overwhelming of all the decisions new parents have to make, they created Shower Me With Love to share their knowledge and finds with others.
Together they have selected a remarkable collection of items for your little ones, carefully selecting every product, artisan and manufacturer to ensure their business philosophies and craftsmanship are worthy of your home and lifestyle. Shower Me With Love products are designed for longevity – everyday heirlooms that can be passed on to future generations. For everyone with who wants only the best for your little one, we bring you Shower Me With Love.